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With over 30 years’ experience in local, national, and international markets, Paradigm International is establishing itself as a leader in brand distribution in the Asia-Pacific region.  As part of a multi-faceted corporation based in Atlanta, Georgia, Paradigm International has offices in Seoul (Asia HQ office) and Shanghai offering localized resources to serve our customers.  Our distribution footprint not only facilitates efficient market entry but also ensures sustained growth through a strategy based on aligning our client’s products with optimal channel partners.


Paradigm International distributes through all major retail channels in our areas of operation. Our regionalized offices and long standing relationships with leading operators afford our clients quick access to multiple channels. Paradigm’s merchandising expertise and extensive, localized retail knowledge help develop our clients’ product range to best fit the unique requirements of each channel.

Department Stores


Home Shopping Networks


Wholesale Clubs



A.ᅠ CBT Direct Ship fulfillment capability.


 B.ᅠ Multiple warehouses.


 C. ᅠRelationships with multiple freight forwarders.

D.ᅠ In-country Customer Support.


E.ᅠ Both US based and in-country      Quality Control inspection.


F.ᅠ Language specific packaging and inserts.



Over a half million happy babies & parents! Providing the most comfortable & innovative swaddle promoting stretching & self soothing. Wont unravel/Zips up!

Baubles + Soles

A "bauble" means a trinket or treasure. By changing out our shoes with different baubles, you can change the entire look of the shoe and style with many different outfits.


From the beginning, we have produced sandals and shoes in Buford, GA. Our products are made of Microplast, which is comfortable, durable, washable, vegan-friendly, and 100% recyclable – a feature combination that is extremely rare in the footwear industry.

Keenz Stroller Wagons

The Keenz 7s Stroller Wagon was created based on utility and design, combining the best aspects of a stroller with those of a wagon to meet the demands of parents who are out and about with their children in today's fast-paced world.


Sinkboss® offers the complete all-in-one sanitary and space saving solution for cleaning your baby's bottles and other baby-ware while away from home.


Flipsi™ Ltd., a Michigan based company, was founded in 2013 with the mission of creating superior reusable drinking bottles that meld perfectly with its customers’ lifestyles while at all times ensuring its bottles are safe, attractive, easy to use and effortless to clean.

John Partridge

The business you know as John Partridge was founded in 1969, and was called Landowner. Back then we made fertiliser for the local farmers. We expanded the business into a range of waxed jackets and quilted waistcoats (which we've been making ever since.)

Original montgomery

Original Montgomery is the oldest surviving company chosen by the British Admiralty in the early 1890`s to make the first duffle coats.The duffle was designed to keep out the worst of weather whilst not restricting the movement of sailors. This first fabric was the same double faced material we use today,double faced to create a true weatherproof barrier.


Redefining performance outerwear with NASA inspired technology. Ditch the layers. Share your journey with #myoros. - Always Onward. Forever Upward.


GoSun is a young company comprised of designers, engineers, and change-makers, intent on serving the world with unparalleled green cooking solutions. We are passionate about our products and how they power our customers’ lives.


Live it up, laugh it up, then grab a Libman and clean it up. For over 120 years Libman has kept homes clean with our line of brooms, mops, and more.

Partridge & Pooch

Stylish dog coats and puppy jackets in a range of sizes. Treat your beloved friend to his very own John Partridge coat to make them feel 'part of the family'.


Innovative outerwear rooted in heritage, blending luxury and lifestyle into timeless pieces. Family owned since 1986.

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